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北京赛车网址平台:The first batch of strategic placement funds have been granted the “Establishment Permit”. The China Strategic Allocation will be available next week.

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内容摘要: June 6th China Huaxia 3 years closed operation strategic allocation flexible allocationhybrid typeSecurities Investment Fund (hereinafter r...

June 6th China Huaxia 3 years closed operation strategic allocation flexible allocation hybrid type Securities Investment Fund (hereinafter referred to as China Strategic Allocation, fund code 501186) and other 6 "strategic allocation" funds received the approval issued by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which means that The funds with strategic allocation of shares as the main investment target will soon be available. These funds can invest in technology giants who return to A shares in the form of IPOs and CDRs (China Depository Receipts). According to reports, the China Strategic Allocation Fund will be launched soon. It is expected that the investor can begin to subscribe as soon as June 11. However, the specific situation needs fund company's prospectus to prevail. The industry believes that the launch of strategic placement funds is an important innovation in public offerings and is another practice of inclusive finance. Common investors can become strategic investors in well-known technology companies through strategic distribution funds and enjoy the same benefits as the national social security and pension agencies. With regard to the placement priority, it may be possible to invest in Xiaomi, Jingdong , Alibaba and other top technology innovation companies.


"Strategic Distribution" is an abbreviation for "Oriented to Strategic Investors." It is a stock placement method for the issuance of new shares. The most important feature is to ensure that participating investors receive a stable share of the placement and give priority to quality assets. The Securities Regulatory Commission revises the "Measures for the Administration of Securities Issuance and Underwriting" (Draft for Comment) in accordance with the "Several Opinions on Launching Pilot Projects for Issuing Domestic Shares or Depositary Receipts Within the Innovative Enterprise" and the "Administrative Measures on Issuing and Trading of Depositary Receipts (Draft for Solicitation of Comments)" "The CDR can be strategically placed as needed." Industry insiders said that with the development of the market, in line with the national strategy to master the core technology, high market acceptance of new economy companies will increasingly choose to introduce strategic investors, strategic placement, along with the return of A concept stocks overseas shares, strategic placement may become more and more innovation leading enterprises. For example industrial Farrington recently issued in the IPO stage on the introduction of strategic placement, the strategic placement of the initial share of 30%, 20 strategic investors to subscribe for a total of 81 billion yuan, the placement of objects including large state-owned enterprises, and large Insurance national investment funds. The stock is now implemented through the strategic placement of usually have strong profitability, long-term investment value significantly. Huaxia Strategic Placing Fund will use strategically placed shares as the main investment target. It will participate in the long-term sustainable development of high-quality companies with development potential through strategic allocation, and share the company's growth and value realization.


Huaxia Fund Chief Strategy Analyst Xuan Wei said that the IPO system has ushered in a major change in the near future, and many overseas innovative leading listed companies will accelerate returns to A shares in the form of IPOs or CDRs. With the continuous landing of various policies that support the development of emerging industries, new economic enterprises represented by innovative technology-based enterprises have ushered in good opportunities for development. Strategic allotment represented by industrial wealth alliances or a typical sample of IPO or CDR issuance following the listing of new economic enterprises, and the prospects of strategic allotment fund investment are broad.


In accordance with relevant regulations, strategic investors who can participate in strategic placements must be in compliance with national laws, regulations, and regulatory requirements, have a cooperative relationship with the issuer or have the intention and potential for cooperation, and are willing to sign a strategic investment placement with the issuer in accordance with the issuer's placing requirements. The legal person of the agreement is a legal person who has a close relationship with the issuing company and wants to hold the company's stock for a long period of time. Therefore, only some institutional investors can participate in the strategic allocation. However, through the China Strategic Allocation Fund, individuals can also participate in strategic allotment indirectly and share the development dividend of the new economy. In addition, during the issuance of new shares, the strategic allocation quota is calculated separately from the ratio of online placement and offline placement, and strategic placement can be used to obtain high-quality company stocks with higher probability. As a result, strategic placement funds are also considered to be another example of inclusive finance.





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